Supermarket Bar Toronto: Exploring the Best Clubs in Toronto

When the sun sets in Toronto, the city undergoes a metamorphosis, transforming into a pulsating hub of nightlife excitement. From intimate underground venues to extravagant entertainment complexes, Toronto’s club scene offers something for every nocturnal reveler. If you’re ready to dive into the electrifying world of Toronto’s nightlife, join me as we explore some of the best clubs in Toronto, starting with the iconic Supermarket Toronto.

Supermarket Toronto: A Cultural Hub

Nestled in the vibrant Kensington Market neighborhood, Supermarket Toronto stands as a beacon of creativity and cultural diversity. Originally a grocery store, this converted venue has evolved into a beloved hotspot for music enthusiasts, artists, and performers alike. With its eclectic programming, laid-back atmosphere, and commitment to showcasing local talent, Supermarket Toronto offers a one-of-a-kind clubbing experience that celebrates the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

The Music Scene at Supermarket Toronto

Step inside Supermarket Toronto, and you’ll be greeted by the infectious rhythms of live music performances spanning a variety of genres. From indie rock bands to jazz ensembles to electronic DJs, Supermarket Toronto hosts an array of events that cater to diverse musical tastes. Whether you’re discovering emerging artists or catching a set from a seasoned performer, the intimate setting of Supermarket Toronto creates a sense of connection and camaraderie among patrons and performers alike.

The Underground Vibe

For those who crave a more intimate and underground clubbing experience, Supermarket Toronto’s basement venue, Subterranean, offers a haven for music lovers seeking cutting-edge sounds and alternative vibes. With its dimly lit ambiance and intimate stage, Subterranean sets the stage for unforgettable nights filled with live music, DJ sets, and experimental performances. Whether you’re into punk, techno, or experimental noise, Subterranean invites you to explore the depths of Toronto’s underground music scene.

Community and Creativity

What sets Supermarket Toronto apart from other clubs in the city is its strong sense of community and commitment to fostering creativity. From hosting open mic nights to collaborating with local artists and organizations, Supermarket Toronto serves as a cultural hub where artists and audiences can come together to share their passion for music and the arts. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-time visitor, Supermarket Toronto welcomes you with open arms and invites you to be a part of its vibrant creative community.

Beyond the Music

While music may take center stage at Supermarket Toronto, the venue also offers a range of other events and activities to entertain and inspire. From spoken word poetry nights to art exhibitions to themed parties, there’s always something happening at Supermarket Toronto to captivate the senses and ignite the imagination. Whether you’re mingling with fellow patrons, exploring the artwork adorning the walls, or simply soaking in the eclectic atmosphere, Supermarket Toronto offers a multidimensional clubbing experience that extends far beyond the dance floor.


In a city known for its vibrant cultural scene, Supermarket Toronto shines as a beacon of creativity, diversity, and community. With its eclectic programming, intimate setting, and unwavering commitment to showcasing local talent, Supermarket Toronto invites patrons to embark on a journey of musical discovery and artistic expression. Whether you’re a music aficionado, an aspiring artist, or simply looking for a night of unforgettable entertainment, Supermarket Toronto welcomes you to immerse yourself in the magic of Toronto’s club scene. So, grab your friends, head to Kensington Market, and prepare to experience the best that Toronto nightlife has to offer at Supermarket Toronto.

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Local Piano Stores Near You: Uncovering Hidden Gems

Discovering a local piano store can be like uncovering a hidden gem, offering unique opportunities for personal interaction, hands-on experience, and building lasting relationships with dealers who share your passion for music. Whether you’re searching for a “piano store near me” or exploring the collections at Music Exchange, local piano stores provide a plethora of advantages that are not always apparent in larger retail chains or online marketplaces.

The Advantages of Shopping at Local Piano Stores

Shopping at a local piano store has several benefits:

  1. Personalized Experience: Local stores typically offer a more personalized shopping experience. The staff often takes the time to understand your needs and preferences, providing tailored recommendations.
  2. Try Before You Buy: There’s no substitute for physically trying out different pianos. Local stores allow you to feel the keys, listen to the sound, and gauge the instrument’s responsiveness.
  3. Local Expertise: Staff at local piano stores are often musicians themselves, offering expert advice based on practical experience.

Variety and Quality

Local piano stores can surprise you with the variety and quality of their inventory:

  1. Diverse Selection: From grand and upright pianos to digital models, local stores often stock a wide range of pianos, catering to various tastes and budgets.
  2. Quality Instruments: Many local stores take pride in their collection, ensuring that each piano, whether new or used, meets certain quality standards.

Building Relationships with Local Dealers

Developing a relationship with your local piano dealer can have long-term benefits:

  1. Trust and Reliability: Establishing trust with a local dealer can ensure you receive honest advice and reliable service.
  2. After-Sale Support: Local stores often provide ongoing support, including tuning, repairs, and maintenance advice.
  3. Community Connections: Local piano stores can connect you with the wider musical community, offering insights into local events, teachers, and technicians.

Importance of Trying Different Pianos

Visiting local piano stores gives you the opportunity to try different pianos:

  1. Personal Touch: Each piano has its unique touch and tone. Trying out various pianos can help you find the one that resonates with you.
  2. Comparative Assessment: Playing different models side by side can aid in making a more informed decision.

Finding Local Piano Stores

To find a local piano store:

  1. Online Search: A simple “piano store near me” search can reveal nearby options.
  2. Music Community: Ask for recommendations from local music teachers, pianists, or community boards.
  3. Visit Music Exchange: For those near Music Exchange, a visit can offer a firsthand experience of their diverse collection and expert advice.

Considerations When Visiting Local Stores

When visiting local piano stores, keep these considerations in mind:

  1. Budget: Have a clear idea of your budget and discuss it with the store staff.
  2. Space and Usage: Consider the space where the piano will be placed and your primary use for it, whether it’s for learning, professional use, or as a decorative piece.
  3. Warranty and Services: Inquire about warranties, return policies, and any additional services offered by the store.

Local piano stores offer a unique and valuable experience for piano buyers. They provide not just an instrument, but a gateway to a community, expert knowledge, and personalized services that can enhance your musical journey. When searching for the perfect piano, consider the advantages of visiting local stores, where you may just find the ideal piano that speaks to your musical soul.

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How to stream movies online – A beginner’s guide

Watching movies is one of life’s simple pleasures. Seeing a movie meant either going out to a theater or renting a DVD. But with the rise of streaming services, it’s now easier than ever to watch movies from the comfort of your home. If you’re new to streaming, it seems overwhelming at first. Streaming movies is quite simple once you learn the basics. Start by selecting which streaming service you want to use. Spend some time browsing each service and see which one offers the content library you like best. Free trial periods are available for many services, so you can see how they work for yourself.

Get a streaming device/smart TV

Next, you need something to stream the content on. Most streaming services support these devices.

  • Smart TVs – Internet-connected TVs with apps for services like Netflix/Hulu built in.
  • Streaming sticks – Plug into the TV’s HDMI port to add streaming capabilities (Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, Apple TV).
  • Game consoles – PlayStation, Xbox and Switch all have apps for major streaming services.
  • Mobile devices – Watch on your smartphone or tablet via iOS/Android apps.
  • Web browsers – Services like Netflix allow you to stream directly through a web browser on your computer.

If your current TV isn’t a smart TV, a streaming stick like the Roku or Fire TV Stick is an affordable way to add streaming capabilities. They start around $30. Now it’s time to sign up for your chosen streaming service. The process is quick and straightforward.

  1. Go to the service’s movie007hd website or open the mobile app.
  2. Click join or sign up.
  3. Create a password using your email address.
  4. Provide billing information like a credit card number.
  5. Confirm your subscription package.

Most services offer a free trial period, so you can test them out risk-free. Don’t forget to cancel before the trial is up if you don’t want to be charged. Once signed in, take some time to familiarize yourself with the service’s interface. Browse featured content on the homepage or use the search bar to find a specific title. When you find something you want to watch, simply click or tap on it to start streaming.

Adjust streaming quality

Most streaming services give you control over streaming quality. Lower quality uses less internet data, while higher quality provides sharper video. Adjust fidelity under your account settings or in the app while streaming. For the best experience, an internet download speed of at least 5 Mbps is advised for HD streaming. Faster speeds like 25 Mbps are ideal for 4K streaming. A great perk of streaming services is the ability to watch on different devices with a single account. Set up user profiles to keep everyone’s watch history and recommendations separate. Most services allow you to be streaming on 2-3 devices simultaneously.

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What To Consider Before Hiring Strippers in Perth

Nowadays if there’s a Bucks party, there are going to be strippers. But that doesn’t mean you just look online and book strippers in Perth without doing your due diligence. After all, you are paying for a service, so you should make sure it’s both worth the money and enhances the mood of everyone who comes to the party.

So here’s what to put some thought into before you hire a stripper.

Is The Guest of Honour Okay with Strippers?

To put it another way, will the groom approve of this? Is it his type of party? Would the man of the hour’s Bride be okay with this?  Strippers at a Bucks party can go either way, either everyone’s happy, the groom is uncomfortable, or the groom’s future wife is uncomfortable. Avoid awkwardness and ask these important questions when you start planning the party.

Who’s Coming To The Party?

You need to know the guestlist before you hire a stripper. If the groom’s boss is invited, it may not be appropriate, if the groom’s 17-year-old sibling is coming, it’s downright illegal. You may also not have an all-male party, so how do you accommodate the ladies who may be there too? If you don’t want to get yourself in trouble with the Groom, be aware of the guest list in advance.

Do You Have To Book Perth Strippers in Advance?

Nothing is worse than coming close to the day of the party and realising you forgot to book a stripper. Then you have to find anyone available, and the whole thing can turn into a stressful experience that’s not worth the money. Avoid the headache and book the stripper as soon as you can, months in advance if possible.

Check Independent Reviews & Avoid Scams

If you want a girl with a particular look, keep in mind some agencies use photoshopped images or stock photos instead of photos of the actual girls they hire. Make sure to call and ask if the girls on the website are who you’ll see in person.

Then check with other people who might have used the service to see if they were pleased with the quality of the entertainment provided first. Any business that exerts pressure on you or rushes you into making a decision is not trustworthy or worth the effort.

Check The Stripper’s Rules

Go through the strippers’ rules to guarantee that you’re alright with the limits that she has set. Never disregard the fact that every girl typically adheres to her own set of rules and dos and don’ts. Then you can let everyone at the party know the rules and there are likely to be no issues at all.

Check About Lap Dances

Also, inquire whether the girl is planning to perform or is willing to perform lap dances. Some strippers don’t do lap dances. Having said that, if you want to do a lap dance for the guest of honour, you might want to hire a performer who specialises in doing lap dances. Sometimes agencies even offer packages just for Bucks parties, so be on the lookout for those and what they offer as well.

Choose Charlie’s Angels

If you want a Bucks party to remember, choose Charlie’s Angels. The girls at Charlie’s are all experts at their trade and specialise in Bucks parties, with packages created specifically for the occasion.

If you’re looking for strippers in Perth, contact Charlie’s Angels now and see what they can do to make your Groom’s big night bigger than ever!

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Top Ten Tips For Sailing Beginners

At some point in our lives, we all wanted to be on a sailboat riding the waves and enjoying the open seas, just like in the movies. The fresh sea breeze on our faces and hair, enjoying the view of; the vast oceans around us on a calm evening, is surreal. Sailing is one of the best activities you can indulge in, but as with every other venture, sailing requires skill and practice. For beginners, it is important to know certain tips and tricks for sailing, which will come in handy as you explore the open waters.

Palm Jumeirah West has one of the best berthings in Dubai that is perfect for anyone looking for; an opportunity to test their newly acquired sailing skills. For your sailing experience to become fun and memorable, we have some best sailing tips for you. Keep reading this article to find out what these tips are!

Here are ten tips every sailing beginner should know!

  • Learn Sailing Terms: You must familiarize yourself with proper sailing terms. Having sailing knowledge by reading textbooks and manuals is an essential requirement.
  • Choose a good day: Weather plays an important role when traveling by sea or sky. As a beginner choosing a day that has good weather forecasts is beneficial. You’re good to go if the sky is clear with no predictions of rain, thunderstorms, or strong winds.
  • Avoid sailing in heavy seas: Just as you need training wheels before you learn how to pedal a cycle, as a sailing beginner, you need to start your sailing experience on smooth seas with mild waves.
  • Avoid sailing on days when there’s heavy traffic: If you’re a beginner, you need space to get a grip on the sail. So, choose berths with generous spacing so you can easily dock and undock your boats and begin your sailing adventure.
  • Begin sailing with smaller boats: One must learn to walk before one can run; this applies to; sailing as well. Using smaller boats will give you an opportunity for easy maneuvering. You can easily manage to adjust the sails and handle capsizing.
  • Listen to Instructions: When you’re a beginner, it’s crucial to have someone with expertise in sailing. Don’t go out alone as you cannot predict the sudden changes that happen in the sea and may endanger your life.
  • Carry protective gear: There’s no saying what happens in the open waters; it’s always better to be, prepared by carrying sailing gear with you. You should pack items such as; non-marking soles with good grip, gloves, sunscreen, water bottle, satellite phone, and food.
  • Eat a light snack: A light snack instead of a heavy meal is; recommended. Avoid consuming alcohol as well, as sailing requires a calm and composed mind, especially when you’re a beginner.
  • Always hold onto something: When you’re on the boat, make sure that; you’re holding onto something as you glide through the waves. The waves can cause heavy jerks, and you might accidentally get hurt if you’re not careful.
  • Sail Safety: Along with learning the sailing maneuvers, you must be familiar with the safety rules for sailing a boat.

After you’ve learned all the dos and Don’ts of sailing in the sea, keep these few tips in mind. Most importantly, have fun, but sail responsibly! To have the best sailing experience check out the best berthing in Dubai!

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Life in Palm Jumeirah: Fine Living at its Best

With the 21st century picking up pace, technology is at the center point of everyone’s lives. While cities like New York and Seoul become torch-bearers of the digital revolution, other cities take a more balanced approach. Such is the tale of Palm Jumeirah, a posh archipelago of artificial islands located off the coast of the glamorous Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is the perfect mix between high living and peaceful solitude. This destination caters to those interested in experiencing the technological revolution while being connected to mother nature. Are you one of those people? If so, let’s take a look at what Palm Jumeirah offers.

The Archipelago of Dreams

If your dream destination to style includes beaches, ocean winds, and uber-developed cityscapes, Palm Jumeirah is the best destination to visit and live at. The 5 KM island collective is filled with posh homes, Dubai’s most well-curated malls, and all the conveniences of modern life. Additionally, transportation around Palm Jumeirah is an absolute breeze because of the Palm Monorail that runs along the entire city while offering beautiful views of the same.

Let’s take a deeper dive to look at the main attractions of Palm Jumeirah.

  1. The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark – The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is a park with the largest aquarium in Dubai. It’s an absolute delight for both adults and children. Activities like water slides, animal and sea life interactions, snorkelling and diving make for the perfect weekend getaway.
  2. Nakheel Mall – The Nakheel Mall is by far one of the best ones in Dubai. This mall is your one-stop destination, hosting restaurants with cuisines from around the world and numerous stores for daily groceries, fashion, and jewellery. Additionally, it also has a cinema and countless international brands!
  3. Al Ittihad Park – Al Ittihad Park is one of the major attractions for those who crave a touch of serenity. With over 100 different types of trees planted in the UAE, Al Ittihad Park is an oasis of life that can help you embrace the beauty of nature at all times!
  4. Palm West Beach – Palm West Beach offers a serene walk along the coastline. You can also take a swim if you’d like to. You also get numerous water sports options like kayaking, snorkelling, waterboarding, windsurfing and more.

Thus, Palm Jumeirah, despite being a small stretch of land, has all the activities that make life worth it!

Homes and Living

Palm Jumeirah is very well connected to the central city and offers seclusion, entertainment, and convenience. The houses at Palm Jumeirah are wondrous and offer bespoke luxury with each step. You can also become a member at the Club Vista Mare, which offers larger-than-life experiences.

Overall, palm Jumeirah is a dream come true for those who love living on the luxurious and peaceful end of the world. Check out this bespoke archipelago of islands and select your next home at the heart of a city where nature and technology convene!


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Cirque du Soleil Has Unbeatable Shows To Wow and Entertain You During Your Next Vacation!

Every year, more than 32 million people will stream into the southern city of Las Vegas in Nevada, easily eclipsing numbers totaled in 2020 and 2019. The continuing popularity of Las Vegas has turned it into one of the destinations for amazing live entertainment, live music, and live performances.

With COVID behind us and the New Year around the corner, there has never been a better time to start planning for some fun things to do in Las Vegas this weekend. Before you book your plane tickets or snag that rental car, make sure to do some research!

Fun Shows in Vegas Tonight

Considered a party capital in the United States, there is always something ogling on when you head to Las Vegas. Whether heading to Las Vegas this weekend or planning a trip in a couple of months, you’ll want to think long and hard about attending some live Cirque du Soleil performances.

Cirque du Soleil has been offering nightly Las Vegas shows for decades since they first introduced themselves to the region through Mystere at Treasure Island. Now considered one of the best circus-performing teams on the planet, Cirque du Soleil has a complete selection of the best shows in Vegas.

  • Get Down With Michael Jackson – Visitors to Las Vegas looking to immerse themselves in loud live music entertainment can still find their way to a Cirque du Soleil performance. Head to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to enjoy Michael Jackson ONE amidst some of the King of Pop’s biggest fans. The live production features acrobatics, stunning visuals, and some of the best homages to MJ around.
  • All You Need Is LOVE – If you want to change the pace a little bit, you can head out to the Mirage Hotel and Casino to be inundated by the sounds of The Beatles LOVE. Love is a sonic journey meant for fans of the 60s classic group. The show is brimming with unique features and nods to the legendary band, and a 3x Grammy Award-winning team has produced it.
  • Get Lost in the Mad Apple – If music isn’t your thing, head over to the New York Hotel & Casino for a bite out of the Big Apple. Mad Apple is a variety show put in place by Cirque du Soleil that includes live magic, live music, and a variety of fun and engaging performances. Affordable tickets and an enjoyable pre-show magician make this a fantastic choice for a date night between loved ones.

Head to Cirque du Soleil to see how you can enjoy Las Vegas in the way that suits you best. Join Club Cirque for deals and ticket options, as well!

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Cirque du Soleil Presents Disney’s “Drawn to Life” For the Whole Family!

As the lights go down and the theater hushes, the wonderful World of Disney appears before you on stage in a flash of light, colors, sounds, and energizing acrobatics.

Cirque du Soleil has become a name synonymous with high-flying acrobatics and wonderful life artistry and its Drawn to Life theater in Disney Springs at the World of Disney is the perfect place to see it all come together.

What IS Drawn to Life?

Cirque du Soleil has been at the forefront and cutting edge of the live circus performance industry since their team first began performing in the streets of Baie-Saint-Paul during the early 80s. After taking their team to Las Vegas and eventually throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, Cirque du Soleil would lay down roots in Florida on the West Side of Disney Springs.

Drawn to Life is a dynamic 90-minute production that follows a determined girl named Julie as she seeks to uncover the mystery of an unfinished animation piece left behind by her late father. With the use of her magic pencil, Julie explores the world of Disney through her childhood memories, learning about the past while animating the story that would become her future.

What is the Show Like?

Disney’s Drawn to Life is a 90-minute production that imbues all of Walt Disney’s animated magic into a piece that blends live performance with choreography and animated effects. Available and suitable for families and children of all ages, Drawn to Life is an unforgettable exploration of the timeless world of Disney.

Fans of Walt Disney will become immersed by the detailed costumes and stage decorations while the performers fly about, bringing magic into the very room. As a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the creative team at Disney and the artists at Cirque du Soleil, Drawn to Life is as innovative as it is entertaining, a memory-making event for the entire family.

Disney’s Drawn to Life is also a great event for group outings. Whether you are looking for a business outing or looking for a creative way to enjoy time out with a group of friends, Cirque du Soleil can accommodate your needs while making your night one to remember.

Learn More About Cirque du Soleil

While Disney’s Drawn to Life is the center show of their theatrical productions in Disney Springs, Cirque du Soleil has some of the best last minute tickets Las Vegas has to offer for shows in Vegas tonight. Tickets for Drawn to Life presently begin at $80 before adding taxes and any necessary fees.

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Five Good Reasons to Hire a Mobile Bar for your Event

Whatever type of event you are hosting be it a wedding, birthday party, corporate bash, or music festival one thing is for certain you will need a bar. There are lots of things to take into account when thinking of the best way to quench the thirst of your guests. One of the options open to you is to take advantage of specialist event bar hire in Manchester or wherever you are based in the UK. The last thing needed at any type of event is for there to be large queues at the bar, a limited choice of drinks, or for the beer to run out. Employing the services of a mobile bar hire specialist will help you avoid all of these pitfalls. So, we thought we would put together a list of compelling reasons why mobile bar hire is the perfect choice for your event whatever it is.


There is nothing worse when you host an event than having to spend half the day or night running around trying to ensure things are going smoothly. Why not let the professionals take that stress and worry away from you. When you hire a mobile bar for your event, you’re guaranteed convenience. With everything taken care of by the mobile bar hire company, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your event without having to worry about drink service. Plus, mobile bars are experts in providing drinks for large groups, so you can be sure that all of your guests will be taken care of. From start to finish, a mobile bar will take care of everything related to drinks, so you can focus on the other details of your event.

A Mobile Bar is Cost-Effective

While there is a cost associated with the hire of a mobile bar for your event, when you take everything into account it is probably much less than other options. The fact that it will save you time and stress working out what everyone’s preferences are, going buying the drinks, then arranging staff and organising all cash and constructing bar outlets if there aren’t any makes a mobile bar worth its weight in gold. With a mobile bar, all this will be taken care of within the price including the bar, all your refrigeration, and glassware along with fully trained bartenders. Also, mobile bars generally offer drinks at a price that is more competitive than traditional event venues like hotels. When you take all this into account event bar hire becomes a very attractive proposition.


Mobile bars will in the majority of cases come with fully trained bar tenders who exude an air of professionalism. This means that all drinks will be served correctly, and guests will be treated to top-quality customer service. Experienced bartenders can keep drinks flowing and queues moving ensuring guests got the drinks they want when they want them.


One of the biggest advantages of a mobile bar is that you can have anything you want. That means t when choosing mobile bar hire you will have a big say in the types of drinks that are served at your event. You will also be given the option of how you want to pay for drinks for example if it is a big personal celebration, and you want to treat your friends you could choose a complimentary bar where you can set a spending cap. Alternatively, you can select a cash bar where guests pay for drinks in the normal way. You can even choose a hybrid of the two.

You can match a mobile bar to the theme of your event

There is a range of options when it comes to mobile bars from rustic traditional bar fronts right through to contemporary models that come complete with LED lighting. So whatever look you are after for your party we can guarantee you will find something that not only merges seamlessly in with décor but in most cases enhances it.

So hopefully we have given you some good reasons why choosing a mobile bar for your event will help it run smoothly and give both yourself and all your guests a day to remember.

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Understanding How Starseeds Fell on Earth

Although not proven, scientists have concluded that there are probably other universes or dimensions in which we live and experience simultaneous and parallel lives. Part of our consciousness resides in this 3D reality on Earth, while another part of our consciousness simultaneously lives in higher dimensions.

These universal travelers usually appear in human bodies, not as cartoonish aliens traveling in spaceships as portrayed in Hollywood movies. It does not mean that this type of creature has not lived on the planet before. We have structures on Earth, such as the Great Pyramids, which even scientists say could not have been built without supernatural levitation equipment or powers beyond those currently possessed by humans. In light of the damage and destruction we have caused to our planet, it seems arrogant to think that we earthlings have come this far on our own. However, most people do not believe that humans are not the only sentient beings in our universe, leading to starseed quizzes.

The Nephilim or “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6 were probably part of the many evil beings cast out of heaven and Lucifer. My theory is that these aliens came from another dimension. They were genetically different from humans; they were tall as cedars and possessed superhuman strength. These divine beings married human women, called “daughters of men,” and created a race of hybrid humans known as the Anakim. Mythology traces the origin of these creatures from the constellation Orion.

While none of us have direct memories or hard evidence of what has happened on Earth in the past few million years, we have scientific evidence that other civilizations have come and gone. Nothing would prove that Atlantis and Lemuria did not exist: there is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, where many planes and ships mysteriously disappeared. Maybe it’s a portal to another dimension. And the people of the Maya civilization? Where did they go? Perhaps they were aliens who returned to the dimension from which they came. Don’t you think that aliens participated in the evolution of the Earth or were part of it? Think again.

If you were an ancient scribe, what would you name a creature that fell from the sky or arrived in a spaceship? Perhaps you would call them giants, sons of the gods, or angels? What about an alien spacecraft with “magical” powers? Maybe you, like the Israelites, would be afraid of it and hide it somewhere no one will accidentally find it. Perhaps you would call it the “Ark of the Covenant.”


As strange and disturbing as it may seem to some people, there is scientific evidence that our current race of humans is not the only race that has inhabited planet Earth. We are not alone in this universe.

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