Innovative Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

In the realm of corporate events, the usual formula of speeches and dinners can feel a little dull. However, these gatherings offer a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike. Infusing your event with innovative entertainment can elevate the experience, creating memorable and engaging interactions. Here are some cutting-edge entertainment ideas that will captivate your attendees and ensure your event is the talk of the town.

Interactive Technology Experiences

Embrace the digital age with interactive technology that engages participants in a unique way. Consider integrating virtual reality (VR) stations where attendees can experience simulated environments or augmented reality (AR) that blends digital components into the real world. These high-tech experiences not only entertain but also encourage interaction and conversation among guests.

Customised Live Performances

Live performances have a special way of capturing attention, but imagine the impact of a show tailored specifically for your event. Customisation can range from mentioning the company in songs to entire performances themed around your corporate identity. This personalised approach ensures the entertainment resonates with your audience and reinforces your company’s brand.

Artistic Installations

Art installations can transform your event space into a visual spectacle – interactive sculptures or digital art displays not only serve as beautiful décor, but also as conversation starters. Engaging with art encourages creativity and interaction among attendees, making your event a dynamic and thought-provoking experience.

Celebrity Impersonators

Add a touch of humour and surprise by featuring celebrity impersonators. These performers can mimic well-known figures from movies, music, or even business, providing light-hearted entertainment and photo opportunities for your guests. It’s a fun and quirky way to add star power to your event without the celebrity price tag.

Mindfulness Zones

Corporate events can be bustling with activity; offering a mindfulness zone provides a refreshing counterbalance. These areas might feature guided meditation sessions, yoga breaks, or ambient soundscapes to help attendees relax and recharge. Mindfulness zones help enhance focus and productivity, allowing guests to return to the event refreshed.

Flash Mobs and Interactive Dance Acts

Imagine the surprise and delight on your guests’ faces as a seemingly random bystander starts a dance, only to be joined by others in a well-orchestrated flash mob. This spontaneous form of entertainment is not only exhilarating to watch but also invites participation from the audience, making it an unforgettable part of your event.

Culinary Workshops

Turn dining into an interactive experience by incorporating culinary workshops. Whether it’s a cocktail-making class or a gourmet cooking demonstration, these sessions offer a hands-on approach to food that encourages interaction while catering to the culinary curious.

Bringing It All Together

When planning your next corporate event, remember that the right entertainment can transform it from standard to spectacular. Incorporating innovative entertainment not only makes your event enjoyable but also fosters an environment of connection and creativity. For professional assistance in bringing these entertainment ideas to life, consider reaching out to Hey Jack corporate entertainers – their expertise in creating unique and memorable corporate event experiences ensures that your event will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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 Why Your Next Event Needs to Be a Mini Golf Party!

Are you thinking of going for something unique and entertaining for your next event? When planning a party, you want to make it a time to be remembered, with guaranteed laughs, great food and a way to keep everyone enjoying themselves.

What is the next event in your calendar? A child’s birthday, a family milestone or a corporate shindig? What The Putt covers all you need for a great time including an exciting activity, scrumptious nibbles and a cocktail bar. With different packages available they will help you host a function that is perfect for your guests.

Hosting a mini golf party is easy and your guests will always be entertained. Whatever the occasion, a mini golf party is a great choice!

What Makes a Mini Golf Party So Great?

People of all ages can have fun with a round of mini golf and it is an inventive way to kick off a party. It allows guests to interact and meet each other and it can be a great ice breaker for work events. Also, a little bit of friendly competition never hurts. The vibrant and exciting mini golf course has challenging obstacles and brilliant backdrops.

What The Putt is an indoor venue, so you don’t need to worry about the weather forecast or needing a back-up plan if the rain decides to pour down.

With different party options on offer, you will be able to find one that suits you. If you’re hosting a kid’s party, you will enjoy a playfully decorated space with a kid-friendly menu. Your child will have a fun time with their friends, and you are bound to snap some wonderful photos to treasure.

For the grown-ups there are a range of party options that can be tailored to a specific event such as a bucks party or a corporate event. We all know every adult loves a mix of childhood nostalgia that comes from mini golf mixed with some adult fun.

After 8pm What The Putt becomes an adults-only venue with a fully stocked bar including some specialty cocktails that are sure to create a party spirit. Along with mini golf there is an arcade space with lots of the classics such as pool tables, air hockey and foosball.

The venue is suited for any sized group, so whether you are entertaining a large crowd or just a few, your event can be tailored to your specific preferences. If you have any ideas of your own, What The Putt is happy to hear them to see what they can do to oblige.

Themes Galore

The mini golf course is decorated in a variety of colourful themes and props, with painted murals and various decorations to enhance your whole experience. With a wide range of themes including rock ‘n’ roll, Marilyn Monroe, pop art and the beach there is colourful lighting throughout.

Host a mini golf party with What The Putt and they will make your party venue look exciting or festive. You and your friends will have a great time in such a lively atmosphere. There are lots of opportunities for fantastic photos as well as easter eggs for both kids and adults to enjoy along the way.

Top Notch Drinks and Nibbles

Every party needs food and it’s another thing What The Putt provides for your gathering. Included in your package, there are party foods favoured by kids and adults and those with dietary requirements can be included.

The bar is always fully stocked and several cocktails and mocktails can be served as you wish. There is a large seating area to enjoy your food and drinks after your rounds of mini golf.

Choosing a Mini Golf Package

Three packages are available at What The Putt and they are able to be customised so you can accommodate everyone attending. Choose from 9 or 18 holes of mini golf and different food and drink alternatives can be included. Tokens for the games arcade can also be part of your package if you want the fun to last longer.

An all-in-one venue for food, drink and a great time is the perfect option for a stress-free party. Let What The Putt manage the details of your event so you can simply relax and enjoy it along with your guests.

Explore their website for what they offer, give them a call or book online. With minimal input you can create an amazing event with lasting memories for those attending. What are you waiting for?!

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The Event Manager’s Guide to Greening Your Gathering

Event management is a vibrant industry that brings people together for a wide range of purposes. However, as event planners strive to create memorable experiences, they must also consider the environmental impacts associated with their activities.

According to Forbes, a three-day 800-person conference has a carbon footprint of 455 tons of CO2. That’s more CO2 emissions than 95 automobiles emit in a year. This highlights the significant environmental impact that large-scale conferences and events can have.

In recent years, growing awareness of these concerns has prompted a shift towards more responsible event management practices.

Fire Suppression at Events

AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam) has long been employed as a fire suppressant at various types of events. This includes firefighter training facilities, military exercises, and even large public gatherings. This foam helps in putting out flammable liquid fires, especially ones involving petroleum. However, its use has come under scrutiny due to the presence of toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

When AFFF is deployed, these PFAS chemicals can infiltrate the soil and potentially leach into groundwater, posing long-term environmental risks. This has led to growing concerns about the impact of AFFF on ecosystems and water sources. Additionally, direct ingestion of toxic fumes can potentially have serious health consequences for event participants.

According to, these toxic chemicals have been linked to serious health risks, including cancer. TorHoerman Law notes that recent developments have seen a surge in AFFF-related lawsuits. Individuals, including civilian and military firefighters, have filed legal claims against manufacturers like 3M.

The firefighter foam lawsuit alleges that manufacturers were aware of the health hazards associated with AFFF, yet failed to warn the public. As litigation unfolds, it raises important questions about the use of AFFF at events, public safety, and manufacturer accountability.

Measures for Event Managers to Minimize AFFF Use

To minimize the use of AFFF at events, event managers can take several proactive measures, including:

  • Risk Assessment: Event organizers should conduct a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of flammable liquid fires. Identifying potential risks helps focus on preventing fire-related incidents and minimizes the reliance on AFFF.
  • Fire Prevention Measures: Implement fire prevention measures such as safe storage of flammable materials, fire-resistant barriers, and on-site fire safety training for staff. Prevention is often more effective than suppression.
  • Alternative Suppression Methods: Explore alternative fire suppression methods that are less harmful to the environment. This could include using dry powder extinguishers or fire blankets for specific fire risks.
  • Environmental Compliance: If AFFF must be used, event managers should ensure compliance with environmental regulations regarding its storage, use, and disposal. Proper containment and cleanup measures can help prevent environmental contamination.

Sustainable Event Practices

As environmental consciousness rises, event managers are adopting sustainable practices. This includes reducing waste, implementing eco-friendly transportation options, and sourcing locally produced goods. Sustainability not only benefits the environment but also enhances the event’s reputation and appeal to eco-conscious attendees.

Furthermore, embracing sustainable practices can often lead to cost savings for event organizers. This makes it a win-win strategy for both the environment and the bottom line. Incorporating sustainable elements into event branding materials can also help educate attendees about the event’s commitment to responsible practices.

Air Quality Management

Large events can contribute to poor air quality due to factors like traffic congestion and energy consumption. Event planners should consider measures such as promoting public transportation, using clean energy sources, and monitoring air quality.

Additionally, by taking steps to improve air quality, events can create a more enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for attendees. This enhances their overall experience and ensures they leave with positive memories.

Noise Pollution Control

Excessive noise at events can have negative health effects. According to National Geographic, millions of individuals are affected by noise pollution on a daily basis. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is the most prominent health issue it causes. Loud noise can also lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep disruptions, and stress.

Event managers should implement sound barriers, noise level monitoring, and strategic layout designs to ensure a safer acoustic environment. Moreover, by managing noise pollution, events can create a more favorable environment for social interaction and meaningful engagement among participants.

Food Safety and Dietary Accommodations

Ensuring food safety is crucial to prevent foodborne illnesses among event attendees. Additionally, providing dietary accommodations for diverse preferences and allergies helps promote inclusivity and attendee well-being.

By offering a wide range of food options and labeling allergens, events can cater to the diverse needs of attendees. This creates a more inclusive and enjoyable dining experience for everyone. Including information about food safety measures in event communications can reassure attendees about their well-being.

Emergency Preparedness

Every event should have a comprehensive emergency plan in place to address potential health and safety issues. This includes medical stations, trained personnel, and communication protocols to respond swiftly to emergencies and minimize harm.

Additionally, event organizers should regularly conduct drills and simulations to ensure that all staff and attendees are well-prepared and informed. This further enhances the event’s safety and security. Publicly sharing the event’s emergency procedures can instill confidence in attendees and demonstrate the commitment to their safety.

Waste Management and Recycling

Events generate substantial waste, but responsible waste management practices can reduce environmental impacts. Event organizers should prioritize recycling, composting, and minimizing single-use plastics to decrease the event’s ecological footprint.

Moreover, by actively involving attendees in waste reduction through convenient disposal options, events can foster a sense of environmental responsibility. Publicly showcasing the event’s sustainability achievements and waste reduction efforts can inspire attendees to adopt similar practices in their lives.

Final Thoughts

The world of event management is undergoing a transformation, recognizing the imperative need for sustainability and safety. The environmental consequences of large gatherings cannot be ignored, and event organizers are now taking proactive steps to mitigate their impact.

As seen in the case of AFFF, health and environmental concerns are driving accountability in the industry. Sustainable practices not only benefit the planet but also the event’s reputation and finances.

Furthermore, by prioritizing air quality, noise control, and emergency preparedness, event managers are ensuring the well-being and enjoyment of attendees. Together, these efforts signal a promising shift towards greener, safer, and more responsible gatherings.

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How Mark Hauser Stays at the Top of His Voice Acting Game

There are talented voice actors who work and then there are talented voice actors who do not work. Mark Hauser, a Canadian-American from Michigan, firmly lands himself in the first category.

A veteran of the voice booth and a reoccurring face on the small screen, Mark Hauser has enjoyed a multifaceted entertainment career since he first made his acting debut in the late 90s.

Now an esteemed veteran of the industry, Mark Hauser has taken it upon himself to share the key insights and tactics that helped him to find so much success in such a difficult-to-approach field.

Let’s dive into the world of voice acting and entrepreneurship to better understand how Mark Hauser maintains his status at the top of the game.

Becoming the Character

Mark Hauser has appeared in hundreds of projects throughout his career, spanning from animated features (Sahara on Netflix) to voice dubs of hit series like Alice in Borderland. Along the way, Hauser has learned a thing or two about truly embodying the character that you are attempting to portray.

For Mark Hauser, finding success in acting is all about embodying the character. Hauser stated in an interview, “I visualize the ideal personification of that character. I think about how that character will respond to situations that might occur within the storyline.”

Taking a workman-like approach to his craft, Hauser breaks down his character until they are completely dissembled before him. Hauser then goes on to say, “After I have completely defined the character, I immerse myself in becoming that person. I want my personality to blend into the background so the audience can see the character come to life.”

Building the Business

Despite finding such long-lasting success in the entertainment sphere, Mark Hauser understands that success is not a given. In order to maintain his level, he has to continually push forward and progress one way or another.

In order to find the kind of success that he has enjoyed, Mark Hauser has implemented a rigorous and structured approach to his daily efforts. Prior to going to bed each night, Hauser will outline five approachable tasks that require some level of effort and brainpower. These are his goals for the following day.

Additionally, Hauser finds that maintaining discipline can also go a long way toward building a better business. Hauser adheres to the Pomodoro Method in order to stay focused on his daily activities and chores all while preventing burnout.

Ultimately, Hauser understands that his success relies on one person alone: himself. Hauser says, “Like any other business owner, I am responsible for marketing my services to potential clients. Whether I’m in a business discussion or a social situation, I’m always aware of what’s going on around me.”

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Christmas time in Monaco

At this time of year, everyone is a little Bible magazine to their loved ones. This joyous occasion may now be commemorated with legal days off from work all around the country. Monaco’s one-of-a-kind festive entertainment pulls in the crowds.

Luxury magazine Monaco‘s editors suggest kicking off your Christmas celebrations in Place de Casino, where a magnificent Christmas tree decorated with a thousand lights may be admired from December 3 through January 10.

On December 24, guests of the hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo may have a similarly celebratory meal at the restaurant Yannick Alléno for 330 euros per person, which includes a glass of champagne and six delectable courses. A terrific complement to the overall festive spirit will be a stunning Christmas tree from Chopard, innovative master courses and musical entertainment.

Nowhere beats Blue Bay for a dose of summertime warmth and sunshine in the middle of winter. If you’re looking for a refined Christmas dinner, go no farther than the two-star Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel Resort.

As the holiday rush dies down, thoughts turn to New Year’s Eve. So why not greet the new year with some sunshine and happiness?

Our editorial staff has compiled a list of the top party spots for your perusal.

Make the eve special in one of the top restaurants in the Principality – LeGrill.

The five-star Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo will be serving a special menu designed by Dominic Laurie in honor of New Year’s Eve.

The three-star Michelin restaurant Le Louis XV should not be missed. Here, you may have an explosive gourmet experience made by Alain Dukas and his chef Emmanuel Pilon using only the finest local cuisine from the French Riviera, and sommelier Maxim Pastor will do his best to choose the best wines to pair with your meals.

Finally, the two-Michelin-star restaurant Le Blue Bay will create a cozy festive mood with a performance by a celebrity vocalist and fireworks at midnight.

If you want to see New Year’s fireworks in Monaco, the best places to do it are the port of Hercule or the main plaza by the casino. The vista of the colorful sparks as they fade into the ocean is breathtaking from this vantage point.

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What You Need To Know About Indoor Mini Golf – And Why You’ll Love It!

Indoor mini golf in Melbourne is the perfect activity for almost anyone. It’s a fun way to spend quality time with your family and friends and it’s surprisingly inexpensive, especially compared to golf outside.

What exactly is indoor mini golf? It’s golf, but on a much smaller scale. Instead of hitting the ball from one hole to the next, you’ll be navigating a series of obstacles with a putter. Most indoor mini golf courses have a theme such as pirates, unicorns, or seaside. There are usually a few holes with easy obstacles for kids and a few with trickier ones that might be above their skill level.

Main Features Of Mini-Golf

The game incorporates synthetic surfaces like carpet, artificial turf, or concrete within a geometric layout that frequently requires non-traditional lines like bank shots. It also features obstacles like tunnels, tubes, ramps, walls, and moving obstacles like windmills.

A more modern variation of mini-golf, known as glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, allows players to compete in a round of golf in the dark. This variation of mini-golf typically uses blacklights to illuminate the course, which makes the obstacles and targets glow in a variety of colours.

Why You Will Love Playing Mini Golf

1.It Is a Great First-Date Activity

Mini golf is a fun activity for all ages, and it is a great first-date idea. You can laugh together at the silly holes and talk about non-serious things. It is a low-pressure way to get to know someone, and you will have a great time together. It is an activity that everyone can do, no matter their age or health.

2. It’s Affordable

Mini golf is one of the most affordable recreational activities. Most courses charge between $5 and $10 per person. Many places offer discounts, such as a family or senior day, where the cost of mini golf is very little, or even free.

3. It’s Fun For All Ages

Mini golf is fun for most people, but especially for kids. It’s a great bonding experience and can be incredibly enjoyable.

In some locations such as What The Putt you can also find a mini golf bar where you can enjoy a nice drink while playing. Mini golf bars are a great place to meet new people and make new friends. Some mini golf bars have special events and happy hours, so be sure to check the schedule before you visit.

4. You Can Play It Anytime

Unlike the more traditional golf, you don’t need to keep a close eye on the weather forecast. Most indoor mini golf venues are covered, so they’re open even when the weather outside isn’t perfect.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for party venues in Melbourne, or fun weekend activities with your loved ones, What The Putt offers a family-friendly experience that welcomes all ages. Its diverse range of challenges, as well as its creative themes, bring excitement and entertainment to any group.

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Corporate Event Design: Keeping an Event Brand-Focused, Productive, Enjoyable

A corporate event can take many forms, including banquets, conferences, fundraisers, meetings, seminars, symposiums, and recreational activities. Regardless of the type of event, it is helpful for the event manager to find and engage corporate event planners based in NYC who have the skills and vision to make sure everything runs smoothly and successfully.

In many cases, an organizational staff member assigned to event planning might not have the specific education and background to take on such a specialized, time-sensitive and detail-oriented project with the ease of a professional firm. If the event is important enough—and most are—there is a lot on the line for executives, the event planner and the organization.

The event often features a theme and various essential components such as food, presentations and entertainment. Beyond that, there is usually a tight timeline and budget, so the proper planning strategy is invaluable, which is why turning to a professional corporate event planner in NYC helps pull everything together in style, on time and according to plan.

How Corporate Event Design Turns a Gathering into a Unique Experience

Hiring corporate event planners like 23 Layers can be a game-changer for companies. Professional event planners help to develop, organize and execute an event while finding the right balance between the event’s budget, quality, and brand messaging.

Here are a few additional ways corporate event design makes all the difference in ensuring that everyone enjoys the event.

Sets the Tone of the Event

A business might have the germ of an idea for the event, such as wanting to host a launch party for a new product. Corporate event planners can help ensure that the mood remains consistent throughout the event by working with the in-house team to determine whether the event should take a serious tone for a strictly business event or something more lighthearted like a milestone event, celebrating the business’s anniversary or the launch of a new product.

Helps Communicate Brand Value and Reflect Brand Identity

Whether the event is for internal personnel, focusing on team building and leadership, or external with industry peers and clients, it’s always important to focus on communicating and reinforcing the brand value and reflecting on brand identity. Many top corporate event planners have as much experience in marketing and branding as in event design. That means they have the skills and experience to help everyone stay focused on the brand with visual, aural and wearable elements like well-placed posters of logos and merchandise.

Promotes Storytelling to Keep Attendees Engaged and Invested in the Event and Brand

Professional planners encourage active participation from attendees to reinforce the importance of the event, brand or objective through storytelling. Planners will focus on helping everyone stay engaged by asking speakers to offer a story or anecdote about their experience with the organization. Another tactic they might take is running a continuous loop of slides featuring quotes, staff images or short snippets of success stories to keep attendees engaged and on topic.

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How to Create a Virtual Safe Space for Attendees

Virtual event solutions

Since hybrid and virtual events are here to stay amidst the COVID pandemic, event hosts and managers are looking for virtual event solutions that will make the events more inclusive and safer for attendees. In fact, considering how beneficial these events are, it is estimated that 71% of event organizers will continue arranging such events post-pandemic.

However, attendees’ virtual spaces bring a myriad of challenges for event production companies that create a digital divide amongst attendees. To help ensure that such a divide does not arise at your virtual event and instead fosters safety, continue reading.

We will walk you through helpful tips that will encourage everyone attending your virtual event to feel included and enjoy themselves regardless of their background and needs.  

Tips to Create a Virtual Safe Space

With these helpful tips, virtual event companies can help foster safety and inclusivity for all members attending virtual or hybrid events.

  • Remove Geographical Boundaries

Geographical boundaries can be a significant barrier when hosting events. However, in the case of online and virtual events, this barrier can easily be removed. You can make it open for anyone from anywhere to join. This accessibility is greatly beneficial for individuals who would otherwise be unable to travel to another city or venue for an event, such as those with chronic illnesses or a disability.

With the help of online events, you can reach more people and have a more diverse and wider audience. Moreover, online healing events will already be much safer for people to attend because they are already in their safe space since they are attending from the comfort of their homes. 

  • Have Open Communication

Having open communication is a significant technique to make attendees feel more comfortable at virtual events. You should be completely transparent about the event right at the beginning. Pre-event communication can also go a long way in preparing the attendees and knowing what they are getting themselves into.

Some of the ways you can have open communication at events are by telling all the people about the purpose of the event, goals you want to achieve via the event, and the main discussion points. 

  • Provide Extra Support to Marginalized Communities

Another excellent way to provide extra support to all communities is by making your virtual space accessible to everyone. As a virtual event company, you can do this by keeping it open and free for everyone or having discounted prices for individuals with low income. You can also make your virtual space safer by encouraging members of all types of diverse communities to participate.  

  • Eliminate Obstacles

There are a few ways virtual events can pose obstacles for attendees that event production companies and organizers should take care of in advance. For example, to make their virtual spaces safer, they should include closed captioning so individuals with hearing disabilities and who don’t know the language fluently can understand it.

Moreover, the virtual event should also take place on a platform that the attendees are familiar with. It should not be on complicated software or platform that the attendees will need to download or install. And if they do have to, make sure you incorporate as many instructions to make it easier as you can.

  • Avoid Making Participation Compulsory

Many people think that they should make their virtual events compulsory, especially if it is of the corporate kind. However, this will not make your attendees feel safe or comfortable. Additionally, having them keep their mics and cameras open may also be problematic for people since some might have social anxiety, speech difficulties, or are not able to afford high-speed internet or cameras.

Other than that, you can also ask attendees to update their digital names and profiles so that you are using the right pronouns for them. All in all, you should make participation optional for attendees. You can keep the chat box open to type instead of talk. Once a few people come forward and share, the others are encouraged to do so as well. 

  • Dedicate Time for Self Reflection

This is especially true for corporate events or business meetings. You should understand that these are completely new forms of communication and doing business for people. Most people might not even know each other, hence, they might not feel comfortable or safe in the virtual space. 

One way you can do that is to allow breakout room features where people can converse in small groups. Consider ways to indulge in self-reflection so that everyone’s voice can be heard. Look up ways to build trust in virtual events by asking people how they are feeling and then following up with those who may not be feeling as good. 

  • Design Content for Different Learning and Processing Styles

Besides having captioning available for attendees, you should also facilitate visual learners with the help of slideshows and pictures. For people who spend extra time learning, you can also send them the slideshow or content plan ahead of the meeting or event. You must also ensure that you spend ample time brainstorming and encouraging attendees to take notes at virtual meetings. 

  • Diversify Your Speakers

Lastly, if you are holding a webinar or a panel discussion, make sure the people you invite to talk are from a diverse group of communities. They should not all be from the same race or gender. Ensure that they also use the correct pronouns and language that does not offend anyone or make them feel uncomfortable. 

Final Words

These were just a few of the virtual event solutions that can help make your meeting, event, or any kind of virtual space safer for all attendees. If you want to explore more options, get in touch with Seven Events. We can help you create a safe, accessible, and inclusive virtual space every step of the way. For more information, call us at +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or drop us an email at [email protected].

We would love to hear from you!

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4 Tips to Build Effective Event Strategy in Hybrid Era

Over the last year or so, event professionals have increasingly started to incorporate hybrid experiences into their overall event strategy. Moreover, during the previous year, event planning services have begun to recognise the value of coming together as a community. In response to this, event planning professionals have started to rely on one online event platform or the other.

Hybrid events have been seen to provide unique benefits and opportunities that in-person events fall short of. However, while the concept itself is not new, it is still relatively fresh in terms of the mass implementation of corporate virtual events that we are seeing now. Hence, there are fresh dynamics at play in hybrid events that need to be considered.

This article will attempt to help event planning services to navigate the world of hybrid events more easily by outlining 4 essential tips to building an effective hybrid event strategy. So, let’s get into it!

1. Plan Equally Engaging Experiences for Both Audiences

As a hybrid event organiser, you need to remember that you have two audiences instead of one. One audience is virtual, while the other is in-person. Event planners should look to create an equal amount of value for both audiences. By incorporating equally worthwhile elements for both audiences into hybrid events, one can ensure that both in-person and virtual attendees walk away feeling heard and, hence, valued.

The most common thing to have happen at a hybrid event is that the virtual attendees feel like second-class attendees. Your goal should be to ensure that both audiences feel like they have front-row seats to your hybrid event, which certainly means that live streaming of an event is out of the question.

One way to ensure that all attendees have an equally worthwhile experience is to have one team reserved to facilitate the in-person attendees on-site and another team dedicated to facilitating the virtual attendees. This mainly includes the moderating of questions.

Moreover, although it is not necessary, some of your speakers can deliver their presentations online. Online event platforms allow speakers to give their presentations virtually in a very convenient manner and, hence, having some virtual speakers at your event will show that you aren’t going to let the virtual nature of the event come in the way of a successful hybrid event.

2. Engagement is Key to Fostering Connections

It doesn’t matter whether your attendees are sitting across the room from you or seated in their living room at home. As a hybrid event planner, your job is to ensure that both sets of attendees are maximally engaged in the event. If you can manage to do this, the hybridity of the event will become a secondary element, as the level of engagements will easily be able to bridge the gap between the two audiences and create a unifying sense of community.

There are many ways to leverage an online event platform to make your hybrid event engaging for both audiences. For starters, breakouts with speakers can help provide everyone with networking opportunities, while live chats can keep online attendees as engaged as in-person ones. Additionally, event planning services are making use of Q&A sessions, live polls, gamification, and even contests to boost the level of community engagement across mediums.

Furthermore, moderators and support staff should be committed to ensuring that the event runs smoothly, both technically and in terms of the general program. Disruptions in the flow of a hybrid event are a sure-fire way to lose your audience’s engagement, especially your virtual attendees.

3. Use Shared Immersive Experiences to Foster Community

Anyone who has attended corporate virtual events from their living room knows that it is all too easy to feel alienated from the event and the in-person attendees. For this reason, more outstanding efforts should be made to foster a sense of community amongst virtual attendees by using shared immersive experiences.

Shared immersive experiences can range from gamification and contests to tangible deliverables for all your attendees. For example, by mailing event merchandise and meal deliverables to your virtual attendees beforehand, you will ensure they feel like they are a vital part of the event and a significant part of the community. The success of your hybrid event should ideally be dependent on the level of engagement and inclusiveness you can foster among your attendees across mediums.

4. Keep Engagement Going After the Event is Over

One of the best ways to build an effective event strategy in the era of hybrid events is to continue attendee engagement even after the event is over. This will extend the life and value of your event and engage your attendees further by genuinely making them feel as if they are part of a larger community.

One way of ensuring continued engagement is to host smaller events but to host more of them throughout the year. This will help continuously expand your community and give you the chance to keep your attendees engaged by posting on-demand content to your event platform. This will also allow your attendees to connect with sponsors and vendors before the next event.

Moreover, as a corporate event organiser, you should use the time after each event to utilise your event analytics to better understand your audience. More specifically, event analytics will tell you what worked for your attendees and what didn’t, thereby allowing you the chance to cater your next event to your audience’s needs and expectations.

Final Words

According to many professional event planning services, the age of hybrid events is pretty much here to stay. Therefore, event organisers will have to continue developing ways to build an effective hybrid event strategy to keep audiences engaged and cultivate an engaged community.

While any online event platform can provide you with what you need to host a hybrid event, to ensure that every event is a resounding success, audience engagement should be your top priority no matter what.

Author Bio
Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd, a leading event management company in Birmingham offering venue finding and event planning services. She started her career in the events industry almost a decade ago as time progressed she became an avid event blogger sharing her insight on corporate event planning.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Ideal Event Venue

Choosing the right venue for your event is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the overall experience for your attendees. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, conference, or social gathering, selecting the perfect venue requires careful consideration. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider when choosing an event venue.

1. Define Your Event Goals and Needs

Before you start searching for venues, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your event’s objectives. Determine the type of event, its size, and the specific needs it entails. Will you need space for presentations, catering, or breakout sessions? Having a well-defined set of goals will help you narrow down your options.

2. Location, Location, Location

The venue’s location is often a make-or-break factor. Consider the convenience and accessibility for your attendees. Is it easily reachable by public transport or major highways? Is there ample parking available? The location should align with the preferences and expectations of your guests.

3. Capacity and Layout

The venue’s capacity must match your expected number of attendees. Make sure it’s not too small, leading to overcrowding, or too large, making the event feel empty. Additionally, consider the layout options. Does the venue offer flexibility in arranging seating, staging, and exhibit spaces to suit your event’s specific needs?

4. Budget Considerations

Determine your budget for the venue and ensure it aligns with your financial resources. When calculating costs, be sure to account for not only the rental fee but also any additional expenses such as catering, equipment rental, and decoration. Remember that a well-suited venue might save costs in other areas.

5. Amenities and Services

Different events require different amenities and services. Consider what the venue provides. Does it offer catering services, audio-visual equipment, technical support, or event planning assistance? The more services a venue offers, the more seamless and cost-effective your event planning may be.

6. Ambiance and Style

The venue’s aesthetic and ambiance should match the theme or mood you want to create for your event. It’s essential to choose a space that complements your event’s style. Consider the interior decor, lighting, and architectural features when making your decision.

7. Accessibility and Accommodations

Ensure that the venue is accessible to all attendees, including those with disabilities. It should have ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Additionally, inquire about nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests.

8. Reputation and Reviews

Research the venue’s reputation and read reviews from previous event organizers. A well-established venue with positive feedback is more likely to provide a smooth and successful event experience.

9. Restrictions and Policies

Familiarize yourself with the venue’s policies and restrictions. Are there noise restrictions, curfew times, or limitations on decorations? Understanding these regulations in advance can help you plan your event effectively.

10. Safety and Security

Safety is paramount. Ensure the venue has adequate safety measures in place, such as fire exits, first-aid services, and security personnel if needed. Additionally, check if the venue is compliant with local safety regulations.

11. Backup Plans for Outdoor Venues

If you’re considering an outdoor venue, have a contingency plan for unexpected weather conditions. This may include renting a tent, ensuring proper heating or cooling, and having a backup indoor location available.

12. Visit the Venue in Person

Before finalizing your decision, schedule an in-person visit to the venue. This will allow you to assess its condition, layout, and ambiance. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns.

13. Negotiate and Confirm the Agreement

Once you’ve chosen the perfect venue, negotiate the terms and pricing. Carefully review the contract, ensuring it covers all agreed-upon services, rental periods, and costs. Once satisfied, confirm the booking and make any required deposits.

Choosing the right event venue is a vital step toward ensuring a successful and memorable event. By following these guidelines and carefully considering your event’s unique requirements, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an event that exceeds expectations.

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  329. Super Joe Software: Software solutions that pack a punch, curated by Joe’s expertise.
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  332. Jaun’s Tech: Discover Jaun’s take on the tech world, from gadgets to groundbreaking trends.
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