Your Local Piano Store: A Treasure Trove for Musicians

Discovering your local piano store can be a transformative experience for musicians. These stores are not just commercial spaces; they are cultural hubs where passion for music resonates within every corner. From the aspiring beginner to the seasoned professional, local piano stores offer a wealth of resources, guidance, and a unique sense of community. In this exploration, we delve into the benefits of finding and visiting a local piano store, such as the advantages of shopping nearby, trying out various pianos, and the invaluable opportunity to build a lasting relationship with knowledgeable dealers, like those at Greene Music Store.

The Advantage of Proximity

The convenience of a “piano store near me” extends beyond mere physical closeness:

  1. Easy Access: Proximity allows for frequent visits, be it for browsing, trying out different pianos, or seeking advice.
  2. Local Market Understanding: Local stores understand the regional market dynamics and preferences, tailoring their collection to meet local demands.
  3. Community Involvement: These stores often actively participate in local music scenes, hosting events or workshops, and becoming a part of the area’s musical fabric.

Variety and Quality at Your Fingertips

Local piano stores often boast a wide range of pianos, each with its unique history and character:

  1. Diverse Selection: From grand and upright pianos to digital models, local stores cater to various tastes and requirements.
  2. Quality Instruments: They typically maintain a high standard of quality, ensuring each piano is tuned, repaired, and ready for playing.

The Personal Touch of Knowledgeable Staff

The staff at local piano stores like Greene Music Store can significantly enhance the shopping experience:

  1. Expert Guidance: Their knowledge and expertise in pianos can provide invaluable insights into your decision-making process.
  2. Customized Recommendations: They can offer recommendations tailored to your playing style, needs, and budget.
  3. Long-term Support: Building a rapport with store staff can lead to ongoing support, advice, and services throughout your musical journey.

Hands-On Experience: Trying Before Buying

One of the greatest advantages of local piano stores is the opportunity to try before you buy:

  1. Feel and Sound: You can experience the touch and tone of different pianos, an essential aspect of finding the right instrument.
  2. Compare and Contrast: Playing various pianos side by side gives you a clearer idea of what suits your preferences.

Establishing a Lasting Relationship

Creating a bond with your local piano dealer can offer benefits that extend far beyond the initial purchase:

  1. Trust and Reliability: Developing trust with a local dealer ensures you receive honest advice and quality service.
  2. After-Sale Services: Many local stores provide services like tuning, repairs, and even piano lessons.


Your local piano store is more than just a place to buy an instrument; it’s a gateway to a world of musical exploration and a cornerstone of the local music community. Stores like Greene Music Store offer not just pianos for sale but a comprehensive musical experience, providing you with the resources, expertise, and support needed to flourish in your musical endeavors. Whether you’re on the hunt for your first piano or looking to add to your collection, your local piano store is a treasure trove waiting to be explored, filled with possibilities that can enrich your musical journey for years to come.

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Reasons to Love Playing Cello

Cello is just one of the fantastic instruments you can explore in your music venture. In fact, the cello is considered a warm and rich instrument that could cater to middle ranges of music. Many cellists also see the cello as a versatile string instrument that can reach both high and low ranges ideal for single and orchestra performances. If you’re looking to add a new skill and hobby, you might want to try playing the cello. Keep reading to see the possible reasons why you’ll love playing this instrument.

Reasons to Love Playing Cello

Cello or also known as violoncello, is named as the bass musical instrument of the violin family. Like a violin, it has so much to explore, and as a beginner cello player, you’ll surely love it for the following reasons.

Cello balances music in a group or orchestra

The cello plays an essential role in an orchestra because of the harmony and melody it can give to the group. Typically, you’d find 8 to 12 cellos in an orchestra, and without this instrument, the music would sound monotonous and boring.

Cello can produce a solo masterpiece

Although the cello plays an essential role in an orchestra, it can also stand out on its own. You can produce a masterpiece using the cello as your main instrument. In fact, you’d find lots of European classical music that uses the cello as its only instrument. Today, the cello is more prevalent in different genres like jazz, pop, and rock music.

Cello has the same range as a human voice

Cellists always say that the cello is more likely to speak like a human voice. This is why this instrument is best for evoking instinctual emotions. Likewise, a song can quickly be transcribed from voice to a cello sound if you’d want to. If you are familiar with Britten and Bach solo suites with feelings of joy and ease, the cello plays a huge role in this music. The cello can also express sadness and sorrow like those portrayed in Bloch, Villa-Lobos, and Casals music. Any emotions you’d want to communicate can be done by the cello.

Cello can make you stand out

There is no doubt that you can get the audience’s attention when you’re playing the cello because of its huge size. It actually looks like a bigger version of the violin, which makes the people very curious about it. Aside from its size, the sound quality also never fails to attract your viewers. So if you want to be noticed in an orchestra or group, you should start learning the cello.

Cello will never be too old to play

Cello never goes out of style. From classical to contemporary music, the cello always finds its perfect place to resemble almost anything. All you need to have is the right playing technique, so you know how to turn your cello into something new every time there’s a new trend in music.


If you’re a fan of string instruments, the cello will never fail you this time around. With its body, flexibility, and sound quality, you will surely love this instrument. It’s time to try and explore this huge instrument and see for yourself the real reasons why more and more musicians are transcending to playing the cello.

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Austin City Limits – Where the Music World Comes Together

Consistently, during the boiling pre-fall months, groups from the nation over join on Austin, Texas for one few days of music, food and hot, sweat-soaked fun. Tons of individuals, youthful and old, herd to Austin every year for the gigantic music occasion that is the Austin City Limits Music Festival. The absolute greatest names in music appear each year. The celebration’s eight phases, spread out across Zilker Park, have in excess of 100 groups through the span of the end of the week, each playing for sold out groups. Lately, music legends, for example, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Flaming Lips, Beck, The Foo Fighters, N.E.R.D., Gnarls Barkley and numerous others have graced the ACL stages.

Undeniably arranged in downtown Austin, Zilker Park shuts during each time for the monstrous three-day occasion, and the music can be heard all through midtown. Be that as it may, ACL isn’t just about music. A neighborhood craftsman town is set up every year to permit Austin’s nearby organizations and specialists to grandstand their work to the a large number of participants, who hail from the country over. Similarly, a considerable lot of Austin’s top neighborhood eateries have corners set up selling menu top picks at the far reaching food court nearby. With the desired three-day passes selling frequently selling out a half year before the celebration, ACL represents a prime open door for Austin organizations of assorted types to feature their items and arrive at new (and significant) crowds.

However, it’s everything about the music. With a wide scope of classes spoke to, including nation, twang, rock, hip jump, society, and basically whatever else you can consider, ACL genuinely offers something for everybody. There is even a committed kids’ stage. Participants all things considered, races, and melodic interests can be found here, making it one of the most binding together performances in the nation.

What’s more, it’s not simply the greatest names in music that effortlessness the phases at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Actually, numerous ACL gives numerous best in class bunches a break out circumstance. It’s the sacred goal of each battling Austin performer’s profession, which includes one more explanation Austin flourishes as oneself declared unrecorded music capital of the world. Rivalry for a spot in the lineup is ferocious, yet every year the variety of craftsmen figures out how to remain strikingly differed and far reaching. From out of control groups like G. Love and the Special Sauce and breakout stars like Vampire Weekend, to old school legends Asleep at the Wheel and gospel bunches like the River City Christianettes, ACL is truly a mixture of melodic ability and articulation (and the 100 + degree heat makes the similarity even more suitable).

In 2008, Austin City Limits is being hung on the few days of September 26-28. Multi day passes have been sold out for a considerable length of time, yet strays can buy single day passes on the celebration site for $80 each. With right around 50 groups playing day by day, beginning at 11:00 am and running until the featuring show wraps up at 10:00 pm, Austin City Limits is the spot to be in Austin, Texas, (and many would declare, the whole nation) for one seething end of the week every year.

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Advantages of Music Promotion Through Band Clothing

Music can possibly fulfill the spirit of any person. It likewise has the ability to animate the brain toward any path. Actually it knows no limits and along these lines there is no necessity for a layman to get familiar with a language for getting a charge out of any sort of music. Consequently there are sufficient of performers all over the globe who are looking for chance to advance their music at the most elevated level. For successful music advancement by the hopeful artists many specialist organizations online have begun helping by providing them with printed things that would adequately advance the craftsman gathering or the band.

There are such huge numbers of hopeful craftsmen gatherings and groups sitting tight for a chance to get saw for their music. The craftsman gatherings to separate their band from the rest need to perform better however at the same time should utilize appealing showcases to advance their band and ability around the world. Henceforth the imaginative strategies for advancing the band or the craftsman is ordinarily done using printed shirts, identifications, banners and numerous different items that wonderfully shows the image or the logo of a specific craftsman gathering. Such craftsman stock things can possibly enable the groups to get the notification of the individuals without any problem.

The printed things, for example, the printed hooded tops, shirts for men, ladies and kids and numerous different assortments of special dress and workwear assume an extremely huge job in band advancement nowadays. There are numerous forte stores internet offering chance to the craftsmen for their music advancement through their exceptionally structured band garments.

The shirts are accessible in different sizes, for example, for the normal fit just as the slimmer fit for the style cognizant clients in wide scope of hues to fulfill the flavor of different clients. Such planner shirts leave a dependable impact on the brains of the individuals about the shirt just as the band.

The craftsman stock causes the music darlings to review their preferred show or music occasion. The logo or the name of the band showing up over the band apparel honors the occasion in the most one of a kind way. In realities such sorts of craftsman stock upgrade the notoriety of any nearby band absent a lot of exertion. Maybe this is the most reliable type of publicizing for music advancement in the current situation. Such band attire satisfies the promoting needs as well as offers some benefit for cash.

Today there are more than a huge number of craftsman gatherings and groups who are attempting to advance their music over the globe. What’s more, to accomplish this many have begun with the band dress with the logo or the name of their band engraved upon it. This technique is really inventive and permits the performers to advance their ability in an interesting manner. Maybe such band stock encourages individuals to stay near their band consistently.

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Step by step instructions to Plan Your Own Music Festival

Music fans the world around will let you know there’s not at all like a performance for finding new groups and getting a charge out of an encounter like no other. In any case, a significant number of these fans are additionally prone to regret the shortage of celebrations obliging their preference for music and the significant expenses of those that do. With the numerous classifications of music and awe-inspiring number of music devotees out there, it’s little shock that venturesome people are quick to join their thankfulness for music with their business sharpness by sorting out their own performance.

Arranging a performance is similar to arranging a gig, just on an a lot bigger scope. A few perspectives are effortlessly envisioned, for instance – without any groups, you’ve no presentation – yet numerous different pieces of arranging a celebration offer totally various difficulties. This implies any individual who would like to make their very own achievement huge music occasion, must ensure they give close consideration to their hierarchical aptitudes and capacity to perform multiple tasks.

One of the primary things that must be considered is your setting. On the off chance that you live some place with forebearing climate, or are arranging a celebration in the mid year months, you may imagine that finding a scene will be simple, however even apparently void green fields have a place with somebody – regardless of whether it’s an individual or the nearby board. Without earlier consent or renting rights for the area, your concert is probably going to be stopped discourteously.

When you’ve discovered some place to hold your occasion, it’s a great opportunity to begin considering hardware. The size of the groups you’re expecting will have an immediate connection to the sort of sound hardware you’ll need, and it’s essential to ensure you don’t think little of your needs – there’s nothing more regrettable than an open air gig where a large portion of the crowd can’t hear what’s happening. Fortunately, there are a lot of organizations who will lease you the amps and lights you’ll require. Ensure you’re secured by their protection in any case, or take out your very own portion, to ensure yourself against unexpected issues.

While a considerable lot of the UK’s bigger celebrations increase the experience by offering food, drink and product slows down, this is something you’ll need to consider cautiously before proceeding. You may require uncommon licenses to sell anything by any means, and the offer of liquor is probably going to be limited and conceivably costly for you so it’s an awesome plan to get the real factors from nearby specialists as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected. Nonetheless, slows down, for example, these can be an incredible aid for celebration goers and coordinators the same, so don’t limit them insane.

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Arranging Corporate Music Events

Arranging the amusement for a corporate occasion can be overwhelming. There is a ton to consider and failing to understand the situation probably won’t improve your vocation possibilities. Maybe a mushy men’s club performer or humorist won’t exactly cut it. Most corporate organizations are hoping to intrigue potential colleagues so you have to go all out with the diversion.

For most corporate organizations however media outlets isn’t excessively natural. The best spot to begin is a respectable diversion operator. A live band consistently goes down well at such occasion anyway you should make certain of the nature of the demonstration. Corporate groups comprehend the disposition and arranging expected to ensure everything runs easily. There are loads of extraordinary capacity groups out there however not all have understanding of working with corporate customers. On the off chance that you can discover an amusement operator that spends significant time in corporate groups, at that point far superior.

In the event that you are searching for everybody to make some incredible memories and give a genuine gathering air at that point unrecorded music is top notch. An extraordinary front man can work the group and get the entire crowd included. By booking through a diversion specialist you are typically guaranteed a quality band. You ought to consistently converse with the operator however and be exact about your prerequisites. Tune in to demos typically accessible on the operator’s site and peruse pictures and video film.

In the event that you are searching for quality diversion, at that point it merits paying from proficient corporate groups. They are not constantly modest however you just get one opportunity to establish a connection before that significant customer so can truly manage the cost of not to? Of courses there are various kinds of acts accessible for various sorts of occasions. You may need a gathering band or maybe on the off chance that you are searching for some ambient melodies for a corporate supper an independent vocalist may get the job done. Ponder what might work best and accept guidance from the diversion operator.

Another advantage of utilizing a specialist is that you will normally sign an exhibition contract unmistakably expressing the hours of the presentation, span and what is anticipated from the two gatherings. For a significant occasion you ought to consistently guarantee an agreement is set up. Whatever your needs utilizing an amusement specialist can basically remove the problem from arranging corporate occasions. You have a greatly improved possibility of a fruitful occasion in the wake of taking proficient counsel and direction and booking an expert capacity band.

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American Music Festivals That Will Change Your Life

The rundown of US performances ranges into the thousands, however we’ve chopped it down to our best 5 totally should see, life changing melodic occasions.

Here they are for your listening delight:

5. Bonnaroo Music Festival

Consolidate the hints of awesome, jazz, Americana, hip-jump and electronica with some quiet disco, a cut of satire and a sprinkle of lager and you have the makings of one of America’s most cherished concerts; the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Its setting on a remote 700-section of land ranch in Manchester, Tennessee, implies speakers siphoned up so uproarious, you can’t hear yourself think.

Drifter magazine depicted it as an encounter that changed the essence of awesome; actually, I’d allude to it as a four-day drinking spree of wonderful diversion, unlimited beverages and a happy, yet chillaxed air! Rock on.

4. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

No extraordinary rundown of American concerts is finished without a notice of this all-American, all-Southern performance.

Effectively home to the most extravagant music legacy in America, New Orleans puts on an act of astounding music, remarkable masterful ability while presenting a lot of down home Southern cooking. Pulling in enormous names including Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan, this Southern celebration is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you need to encounter “such jazz!”

3. All Points West Music and Arts Festival

The absolute best of the music and workmanship universes meet up at the All Points West Music and Arts Festival to make an ear satisfying concoction of amusement, energy and constant happiness. Consolidating the African affected hints of Vampire Weekend, with the move beats of The Yeah’s and the delicate warbling of Coldplay, there’s destined to be something here to please everybody’s melodic taste.

2. Summerfest

Easy this is “The World’s Largest Music Festival”. Traversing 11 days, flaunting 11 phases and playing host to more than 700 entertainers, this is a definitive in “enormous gigs”. Highlighting immense feature acts like Dolly Parton, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears and Rod Stewart, you’ll be holding your lighter high in festivity for near two entire weeks.

1. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Our pick for America’s best concert, Coachella will shake your socks off, impact your eardrums, and interest your eyes for three searing hot long stretches of relentless shaking.

Work it out while you become familiar with any semblance of Groove Armada, Madonna, Animal Collective and Girl Talk. While you are in this Oasis you will appreciate a Massive Attack of fervor that will make you pull out your Nine Inch Nails in unadulterated joy. Paradise!

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How to decide on a singing coach?

A singing coach is an absolute necessity for any artist because a coach plays an important role in shaping our music and personality. Moreover, they also groom you and your singing style.

Here are some qualities that every singing coach should demonstrate!

  1. Respects and understand your interests

Every artist has a unique personality and interests which results in each one of us having a different and unique style. Having a coach who is partial towards his own style of music and style would only hamper your experience and not improve it. A coach should understand individual interests in order to plan lessons accordingly. A musician can only grow in an environment where he/she feels like they are being encouraged to work on their interests.

  1. Compatibility is an essential

To ensure that your learning is fruitful, it is important that you and your coach are on the same page. Indulging in constant disagreements can hinder your process of actually practicing music. Therefore, choosing an open minded singing coach is imperative as it is important that your temper matches with your teacher.

  1. They understand your music style

Regardless of the style you choose, the basics of music always remains the same. However, it is always better if your coach belongs to the same music style as yours. Having a teacher who has a similar or same music style helps you build a better rapport with them and they are able to understand your goals and aspirations more efficiently and can ensure that you are able to achieve them just the way you imagined. This would also ensure that your teacher is sensitive to your music creation.

  1. They inspire you

A good teacher has a mesmerizing aura around them which inspires everyone they meet. You should look for a singing coach who radiates positive vibes. It will help you to speed up and improve your growth graph.

  1. They are not tyrants

A singing coach should be able to evaluate how much stress is actually good for an artist and should ensure that they do not make learning a high-pressured task. It becomes very difficult for one to grow under such surroundings. A singing coach should not make learning toxic by putting a person through highly pressured tasks and circumstances. Maintaining discipline is important but it should not come become a dictatorship. Having an extraordinarily strict teacher may result in learning out of fear and not out of interest. It will only have a negative impact on your music and nothing else. Therefore, make sure that your singing coach is someone who encourages you to be your best instead of bringing you down by constant scolding or yelling.

  1. They hold a degree in music

A degree is a certification that your singing coach is qualified to teach you and can give you some meaningful insights about how to get a degree in the field, if you ever want one.

These are some of the qualities that you should look for in a singing coach. It is not an easy task to find a perfect teacher for your own self. But that does not mean that you should give up and settle for someone who doesn’t match your standards. Be patient and do your research. You could also ask around in your family or friends, Toronto anyway has a wide range of singing coaches, so you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure that your singing coach matches all of your expectations.

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