Corporate Event Design: Keeping an Event Brand-Focused, Productive, Enjoyable

A corporate event can take many forms, including banquets, conferences, fundraisers, meetings, seminars, symposiums, and recreational activities. Regardless of the type of event, it is helpful for the event manager to find and engage corporate event planners based in NYC who have the skills and vision to make sure everything runs smoothly and successfully.

In many cases, an organizational staff member assigned to event planning might not have the specific education and background to take on such a specialized, time-sensitive and detail-oriented project with the ease of a professional firm. If the event is important enough—and most are—there is a lot on the line for executives, the event planner and the organization.

The event often features a theme and various essential components such as food, presentations and entertainment. Beyond that, there is usually a tight timeline and budget, so the proper planning strategy is invaluable, which is why turning to a professional corporate event planner in NYC helps pull everything together in style, on time and according to plan.

How Corporate Event Design Turns a Gathering into a Unique Experience

Hiring corporate event planners like 23 Layers can be a game-changer for companies. Professional event planners help to develop, organize and execute an event while finding the right balance between the event’s budget, quality, and brand messaging.

Here are a few additional ways corporate event design makes all the difference in ensuring that everyone enjoys the event.

Sets the Tone of the Event

A business might have the germ of an idea for the event, such as wanting to host a launch party for a new product. Corporate event planners can help ensure that the mood remains consistent throughout the event by working with the in-house team to determine whether the event should take a serious tone for a strictly business event or something more lighthearted like a milestone event, celebrating the business’s anniversary or the launch of a new product.

Helps Communicate Brand Value and Reflect Brand Identity

Whether the event is for internal personnel, focusing on team building and leadership, or external with industry peers and clients, it’s always important to focus on communicating and reinforcing the brand value and reflecting on brand identity. Many top corporate event planners have as much experience in marketing and branding as in event design. That means they have the skills and experience to help everyone stay focused on the brand with visual, aural and wearable elements like well-placed posters of logos and merchandise.

Promotes Storytelling to Keep Attendees Engaged and Invested in the Event and Brand

Professional planners encourage active participation from attendees to reinforce the importance of the event, brand or objective through storytelling. Planners will focus on helping everyone stay engaged by asking speakers to offer a story or anecdote about their experience with the organization. Another tactic they might take is running a continuous loop of slides featuring quotes, staff images or short snippets of success stories to keep attendees engaged and on topic.