How Mark Hauser Stays at the Top of His Voice Acting Game

There are talented voice actors who work and then there are talented voice actors who do not work. Mark Hauser, a Canadian-American from Michigan, firmly lands himself in the first category.

A veteran of the voice booth and a reoccurring face on the small screen, Mark Hauser has enjoyed a multifaceted entertainment career since he first made his acting debut in the late 90s.

Now an esteemed veteran of the industry, Mark Hauser has taken it upon himself to share the key insights and tactics that helped him to find so much success in such a difficult-to-approach field.

Let’s dive into the world of voice acting and entrepreneurship to better understand how Mark Hauser maintains his status at the top of the game.

Becoming the Character

Mark Hauser has appeared in hundreds of projects throughout his career, spanning from animated features (Sahara on Netflix) to voice dubs of hit series like Alice in Borderland. Along the way, Hauser has learned a thing or two about truly embodying the character that you are attempting to portray.

For Mark Hauser, finding success in acting is all about embodying the character. Hauser stated in an interview, “I visualize the ideal personification of that character. I think about how that character will respond to situations that might occur within the storyline.”

Taking a workman-like approach to his craft, Hauser breaks down his character until they are completely dissembled before him. Hauser then goes on to say, “After I have completely defined the character, I immerse myself in becoming that person. I want my personality to blend into the background so the audience can see the character come to life.”

Building the Business

Despite finding such long-lasting success in the entertainment sphere, Mark Hauser understands that success is not a given. In order to maintain his level, he has to continually push forward and progress one way or another.

In order to find the kind of success that he has enjoyed, Mark Hauser has implemented a rigorous and structured approach to his daily efforts. Prior to going to bed each night, Hauser will outline five approachable tasks that require some level of effort and brainpower. These are his goals for the following day.

Additionally, Hauser finds that maintaining discipline can also go a long way toward building a better business. Hauser adheres to the Pomodoro Method in order to stay focused on his daily activities and chores all while preventing burnout.

Ultimately, Hauser understands that his success relies on one person alone: himself. Hauser says, “Like any other business owner, I am responsible for marketing my services to potential clients. Whether I’m in a business discussion or a social situation, I’m always aware of what’s going on around me.”