Plan Your Spring Break With The Amazing Talents at Cirque du Soleil

Brought to life on the side streets of Baie-Saint-Pal in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has since become synonymous with the very concept of live circus entertainment. Considered the largest contemporary circus producer on the planet, Cirque du Soleil has spread its wings into several different nations, bringing its incomparable artwork to millions of viewers around the world.

With Spring Break around the corner and some of the best shows in Vegas tonight available at unbeatable prices, there has never been a better time to start planning your next getaway.

Let’s look at a few of our favorite last-minute tickets Las Vegas has available for some of the best shows this coming Spring Break.

Music and You

Music is the soundtrack to a night of fun, and Cirque du Soleil has both in spades. With a host of musical shows and family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas, you’ll quickly find the right fit for you.

The Beatles: LOVE by Cirque du Soleil headlines our slate of top musical performances offered by Cirque du Soleil. Considered a legendary production already, this project has been experienced by millions of guests since it first opened its doors. From billions of bubbles floating through the sky to dazzling light shows, LOVE is a celebration not just of music but of performance as well. Fit for the whole family; this is one of the best Las Vegas shows for repeat viewings.

Next, take some time to enjoy Michael Jackson: ONE, which is another epic achievement in the arena of modern circus entertainment. Hosted at Mandalay Bay, ONE features the artist’s best songs set against a state-of-the-art studio and visual product. Children ages five and up will be able to enjoy the show with a guardian or parent.

Drawn to Life

If you want a taste of Cirque du Soleil’s talent but aren’t in Las Vegas, you’ll find plenty to like in Disney Springs near Orlando, FL. Partnering with the wonderful World of Disney, Cirque du Soleil helped to launch Drawn to Life to instant critical praise. This feature-length production is fit for the whole family as it aims to capture the magic of Disney’s animated artistry in a live setting.

The story follows Julie as she tries to unravel her late father’s final mystery: an unfinished piece of animation. Armed with a magical pencil and decked out in world-class stage design and wardrobes, Julie embarks on a journey that kids and adults will want to go on.

Group tickets are available for company outings as well as birthdays and family events. Join Club Cirque to stay updated on the latest in ticket deals.