The different types of R/C planes

Electrics operate the whole spectrum of R/C models. Any model plane that is designed for glow power is successfully modified for electric power. Because of their short full-power run-times, electrics are more effective in planes with high lift and low drag. High drag and low lift planes are less suitable, but the only penalty is short flight times.

Below are the samples of the kind of electric model airplanes that you will encounter.

  1. Powered sailplanes

These ones are famous choices for electrically powered planes since a low amount of power is needed to sustain flight. It corresponds to long flight times of 10-20 minutes and many more.

Some gliders can advance aerobatics and high speed, while others are designed for circling and seeking in hot air pockets known as thermals.

The typical kind of sailplane is the 2-meter class. The plane size responds faster to control input than its other siblings, and it is easier to see at high altitudes.

  1. Trainers

Although it is a traditional approach, many people opt for it. Most trainers are gas-powered, but there are others with electric flavor. Most of these planes are created for 100-250 watt (05-15) motors and wingspans of 3-5 feet.

Trainers are high-wing planes with flat-bottom airfoils and dihedral for positive stability.

  1. Aerobatics and sport planes

Most of the modelers seek planes that are overtly stable than trainers and hence building better aerobatic planes. Unlike trainers and sailplanes, which use a flat-bottom airfoil, most sport planes use symmetrical and semi-symmetrical airfoils.

It improves handling aerobatic maneuvers and gusty wind conditions. The sport and aerobatics plane is neutrally stable.

  1. Pylon racers

Some pilots choose to create and innovate low-drag planes that will travel as fast as possible. Such planes have 3-4 foot wingspans and utilize 200-400 watt motors.

  1. Scale models

Exact scale models of all different military and civilian planes are also known targets for model airplane enthusiasts. Details in larger models are easier to implement.

  1. Helicopters

R/C helicopter is an exciting key to the hobby. Such models will move and hover their full-size counterparts — in addition to non-scale capabilities such as stunning aerobatics and inverted flight. Few electric helicopters are now in the market because of the short flight times.

  1. Ducted fan models

You can also model jet aircraft with electrics if possible. Electric ducted fan models are a new, challenging, and exciting part of the hobby. These models powered by an electric motor have only been in existence for a couple of years.

The demerit with electric ducted fans is getting the highest thrust from a motor/cell/fun unit combination. If you love electric models and want people’s admiration and attention in your flying field, then create yourself an electric ducted fan model. It is among the best type of R/C planes.

Wrapping up

It is to note that all these planes have different traits, qualities, and capabilities. Get to research in-depth on all of them.