Which Rappers Have The Most Beef?

Beef is a component of the hip-hop as well as rhythms and doors. It is part of the hip hop culture’s lifeblood, but it can get angry and nasty at times. Usually beef is handled in a friendly way and so artists move back with a renewed love. In that way, beef is like winning recognition in a competition. The best beefs build classic disputes between our favourite rap titans on RapTV, where bars are exchanged, threats are shouted, and in the end we may get some excellent songs.

Eminem vs The Source:

The inspiration was the Bible; the five-mic analysis of Illmatic by the publication is almost as important to the narrative of Nas as the individual songs. In 2002, when Benzino (a mediocre musician, publisher and conflict of interest) used his leverage within the office to mount an all-out assault on Eminem, the world’s greatest artist at the moment, his unquestioned legitimacy received a significant blast. Zino challenged the role of Em in the community and threatened to dig up the adolescent rapper’s videos using the N-word. Quick story long: The Source has lost its reputation and buyers. The brand is always smarting from the case, all these years later. Eminem continues to sell millions of copies of even his most disappointing records; meanwhile, Benzino was on a pair of Love & Hip-Hop seasons.

Meek Mill Vs. Drake:

It all began when Meek Mill tweeted (apparently out of nowhere) that Drake was not publishing raps of his own. Instead of entering into a fight on Twitter, Drake finally shot back with two freestyles, ‘Fired Up’ and ‘Back To Back’ (in which he calls Meek out for not doing his own world tour nor instead in his ‘girl’s trip’). Meek finally returned to him on a track named ‘Don’t Wanna Tell’ but Drizzy took this one very overwhelmingly.

Azealia Banks vs. Everyone:

It seems as if Azealia Banks is welcoming drama everywhere it goes. In reality, Azealia has been in so many beefs, feuds and spats that almost 50 celebrities she’s fought with are mentioned on her Wikipedia profile. Among the names are heavyweights such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Rihanna and, of course, Cardi B. Azealia is a beef queen, and she probably worries about who she’s going to tag out next.

Drake vs Tyga:

Tyga revealed he doesn’t like Drake in a Vibe interview last year, labeling him “false,” but things really exploded this week after Drake called out Tyga and his 17-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner on his latest mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. He rapped; “Hear a lil homie talking recklessly in Feel / Such a forum you’ve picked, you should have held it inside / Well you’ve done it, it’s so immature to call my name on the world stage / you have to act your age and not the age of your baby.”

YG 6ix9ine vs. Tekashi:

This might not sound as monumental as a lot of other beefs on this page, but what we now realize is that when he melted Tekashi, YG was dead-on. The dispute is yet another trick by Tekashi, as the pair traded taunts on social media for weeks after Tekashi doubted YG ‘s authenticity.

Yeah, when the New York artist went to jail on racketeering allegations, he was called out by YG for being a snitch and having his whole crew put into court. Ah, lo and behold, Tekashi was revealed as a federal informant a year later, and testified against his own crew in open court. If you’re right, so you’re right.

Drake versus Common:

Serena Williams might or may not have been over this beef, based on who you believe. Anyway, before Drake stayed back with force on the Rick Ross banger Stay Schemin, Popular thinking he was picking off an easy goal.’