May 2023


What To Consider Before Hiring Strippers in Perth

Nowadays if there’s a Bucks party, there are going to be strippers. But that doesn’t mean you just look online and book strippers in Perth without doing your due diligence. After all, you are paying for a service, so you should make sure it’s both worth the money and enhances the mood of everyone who comes to the party.

So here’s what to put some thought into before you hire a stripper.

Is The Guest of Honour Okay with Strippers?

To put it another way, will the groom approve of this? Is it his type of party? Would the man of the hour’s Bride be okay with this?  Strippers at a Bucks party can go either way, either everyone’s happy, the groom is uncomfortable, or the groom’s future wife is uncomfortable. Avoid awkwardness and ask these important questions when you start planning the party.

Who’s Coming To The Party?

You need to know the guestlist before you hire a stripper. If the groom’s boss is invited, it may not be appropriate, if the groom’s 17-year-old sibling is coming, it’s downright illegal. You may also not have an all-male party, so how do you accommodate the ladies who may be there too? If you don’t want to get yourself in trouble with the Groom, be aware of the guest list in advance.

Do You Have To Book Perth Strippers in Advance?

Nothing is worse than coming close to the day of the party and realising you forgot to book a stripper. Then you have to find anyone available, and the whole thing can turn into a stressful experience that’s not worth the money. Avoid the headache and book the stripper as soon as you can, months in advance if possible.

Check Independent Reviews & Avoid Scams

If you want a girl with a particular look, keep in mind some agencies use photoshopped images or stock photos instead of photos of the actual girls they hire. Make sure to call and ask if the girls on the website are who you’ll see in person.

Then check with other people who might have used the service to see if they were pleased with the quality of the entertainment provided first. Any business that exerts pressure on you or rushes you into making a decision is not trustworthy or worth the effort.

Check The Stripper’s Rules

Go through the strippers’ rules to guarantee that you’re alright with the limits that she has set. Never disregard the fact that every girl typically adheres to her own set of rules and dos and don’ts. Then you can let everyone at the party know the rules and there are likely to be no issues at all.

Check About Lap Dances

Also, inquire whether the girl is planning to perform or is willing to perform lap dances. Some strippers don’t do lap dances. Having said that, if you want to do a lap dance for the guest of honour, you might want to hire a performer who specialises in doing lap dances. Sometimes agencies even offer packages just for Bucks parties, so be on the lookout for those and what they offer as well.

Choose Charlie’s Angels

If you want a Bucks party to remember, choose Charlie’s Angels. The girls at Charlie’s are all experts at their trade and specialise in Bucks parties, with packages created specifically for the occasion.

If you’re looking for strippers in Perth, contact Charlie’s Angels now and see what they can do to make your Groom’s big night bigger than ever!

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