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The Event Manager’s Guide to Greening Your Gathering 

Event management is a vibrant industry that brings people together for a wide range of purposes. However, as event planners strive to create memorable experiences, they must also consider the environmental impacts associated with their activities. According to Forbes, a three-day 800-person conference has a…


How Mark Hauser Stays at the Top of His Voice Acting Game 

There are talented voice actors who work and then there are talented voice actors who do not work. Mark Hauser, a Canadian-American from Michigan, firmly lands himself in the first category. A veteran of the voice booth and a reoccurring face on the small screen,…


Christmas time in Monaco 

At this time of year, everyone is a little Bible magazine to their loved ones. This joyous occasion may now be commemorated with legal days off from work all around the country. Monaco’s one-of-a-kind festive entertainment pulls in the crowds. Luxury magazine Monaco‘s editors suggest…


How to Create a Virtual Safe Space for Attendees 

Since hybrid and virtual events are here to stay amidst the COVID pandemic, event hosts and managers are looking for virtual event solutions that will make the events more inclusive and safer for attendees. In fact, considering how beneficial these events are, it is estimated…

Event planning services

4 Tips to Build Effective Event Strategy in Hybrid Era 

Over the last year or so, event professionals have increasingly started to incorporate hybrid experiences into their overall event strategy. Moreover, during the previous year, event planning services have begun to recognise the value of coming together as a community. In response to this, event…


Things Not to Forget When Hosting an Event 

One of the best things about hosting an event is the idea of impressing your friends and loved ones with an unforgettable party. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning any party. While it might be easy to get carried away…


Top 9 Tips to Make Your Next Event Successful 

Arranging an effective occasion is an overwhelming undertaking. As an occasion organizer, you have to deal with a great deal of things, including all the back-office and regulatory remaining burden well ahead of time to stay away from the very late glitches. Besides, you have…


What Qualities Do You Need to Become an Expert Event Planner? 

Occasion arranging is turning into a rewarding vocation choice especially since an expanding number of associations are recruiting master faculty to oversee corporate shows and trainings. Today, occasion organizers likewise being recruited to effectively execute and oversee casual occasions, for example, birthday celebrations, Halloween social…