Why Your Next Event Needs to Be a Mini Golf Party!

Are you thinking of going for something unique and entertaining for your next event? When planning a party, you want to make it a time to be remembered, with guaranteed laughs, great food and a way to keep everyone enjoying themselves.

What is the next event in your calendar? A child’s birthday, a family milestone or a corporate shindig? What The Putt covers all you need for a great time including an exciting activity, scrumptious nibbles and a cocktail bar. With different packages available they will help you host a function that is perfect for your guests.

Hosting a mini golf party is easy and your guests will always be entertained. Whatever the occasion, a mini golf party is a great choice!

What Makes a Mini Golf Party So Great?

People of all ages can have fun with a round of mini golf and it is an inventive way to kick off a party. It allows guests to interact and meet each other and it can be a great ice breaker for work events. Also, a little bit of friendly competition never hurts. The vibrant and exciting mini golf course has challenging obstacles and brilliant backdrops.

What The Putt is an indoor venue, so you don’t need to worry about the weather forecast or needing a back-up plan if the rain decides to pour down.

With different party options on offer, you will be able to find one that suits you. If you’re hosting a kid’s party, you will enjoy a playfully decorated space with a kid-friendly menu. Your child will have a fun time with their friends, and you are bound to snap some wonderful photos to treasure.

For the grown-ups there are a range of party options that can be tailored to a specific event such as a bucks party or a corporate event. We all know every adult loves a mix of childhood nostalgia that comes from mini golf mixed with some adult fun.

After 8pm What The Putt becomes an adults-only venue with a fully stocked bar including some specialty cocktails that are sure to create a party spirit. Along with mini golf there is an arcade space with lots of the classics such as pool tables, air hockey and foosball.

The venue is suited for any sized group, so whether you are entertaining a large crowd or just a few, your event can be tailored to your specific preferences. If you have any ideas of your own, What The Putt is happy to hear them to see what they can do to oblige.

Themes Galore

The mini golf course is decorated in a variety of colourful themes and props, with painted murals and various decorations to enhance your whole experience. With a wide range of themes including rock ‘n’ roll, Marilyn Monroe, pop art and the beach there is colourful lighting throughout.

Host a mini golf party with What The Putt and they will make your party venue look exciting or festive. You and your friends will have a great time in such a lively atmosphere. There are lots of opportunities for fantastic photos as well as easter eggs for both kids and adults to enjoy along the way.

Top Notch Drinks and Nibbles

Every party needs food and it’s another thing What The Putt provides for your gathering. Included in your package, there are party foods favoured by kids and adults and those with dietary requirements can be included.

The bar is always fully stocked and several cocktails and mocktails can be served as you wish. There is a large seating area to enjoy your food and drinks after your rounds of mini golf.

Choosing a Mini Golf Package

Three packages are available at What The Putt and they are able to be customised so you can accommodate everyone attending. Choose from 9 or 18 holes of mini golf and different food and drink alternatives can be included. Tokens for the games arcade can also be part of your package if you want the fun to last longer.

An all-in-one venue for food, drink and a great time is the perfect option for a stress-free party. Let What The Putt manage the details of your event so you can simply relax and enjoy it along with your guests.

Explore their website for what they offer, give them a call or book online. With minimal input you can create an amazing event with lasting memories for those attending. What are you waiting for?!