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How Mark Hauser Stays at the Top of His Voice Acting Game 

There are talented voice actors who work and then there are talented voice actors who do not work. Mark Hauser, a Canadian-American from Michigan, firmly lands himself in the first category. A veteran of the voice booth and a reoccurring face on the small screen,…


Plan Your Spring Break With The Amazing Talents at Cirque du Soleil 

Brought to life on the side streets of Baie-Saint-Pal in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has since become synonymous with the very concept of live circus entertainment. Considered the largest contemporary circus producer on the planet, Cirque du Soleil has spread its wings into several different…


Life in Palm Jumeirah: Fine Living at its Best 

With the 21st century picking up pace, technology is at the center point of everyone’s lives. While cities like New York and Seoul become torch-bearers of the digital revolution, other cities take a more balanced approach. Such is the tale of Palm Jumeirah, a posh…


What Are the Benefits of Getting a Certificate in Business Analytics? 

Think if you have a practice of combining data mining, business analytics, data visualization, data tools, and infrastructure then you can easily promote businesses in decision-making. It is a very important practice as it has been emphasized today; the impact of this data is extraordinarily…


Christmas time in Monaco 

At this time of year, everyone is a little Bible magazine to their loved ones. This joyous occasion may now be commemorated with legal days off from work all around the country. Monaco’s one-of-a-kind festive entertainment pulls in the crowds. Luxury magazine Monaco‘s editors suggest…


Surprising Beneficial Of A Trivial Questions 

In online quiz games with friends is the best way to invite everyone to a virtual game during happy hours. Most people have improved their knowledge through this game. In fact, this is not really a mandatory game where you will get a prize but…